Archaic Solid Necklace

Material: Gold plated brass
Gold plated brass

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The pieces of the collection have exciting surfaces. The densely grooved pieces of archaic jewelry take us back behind the scenes of a bygone era. Crumpled, striking pieces can be a contrasting addition to a clean style modern wardrobe, connecting past and present.

It is not the most common necklace shape, but that is why it looks so good. You can either wear it with a loose white T-shirt and jeans combo or with a more elegant outfit. Add a longer necklace in the same color to get a smashing look.

24 carat gold-plated brass or rhodium plated silver

- store your Eva Remenyi jewelry separate from other jewelry to prevent scratches and protect gold-plating
- clean with a soft cloth or a special jewelry cleaning cloth

Perfect fit if your neck circumference is between 32-36cm

Width x Height x Depth
12cm x 0,5cm x 11,5cm

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