ECHO CHIC - Hammered square bracelet

Size: S
Material: Rhodium plated brass
Rhodium plated brass

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The ECHO CHIC collection is strongly imbued with a kind of reinterpretation of nature. Almost without exception, the rhythmic repetition of the elements can be observed on them, which is why they are the strongest pieces of our brand. If you want a really special statement treasure, you might want to take a look around this collection.

The ECHO CHIC - Hammered square bracelet speaks for itself! Its threads are graceful, airy, yet their interplay lends an extravagant end result to this specially handcrafted, highly minimalist piece. The bracelet consists of 20 separate hammered strands.

rhodium plated brass

- store your Eva Remenyi jewelry separate from other jewelry to prevent scratches and protect gold-plating
- clean with a soft cloth or a special jewelry cleaning cloth

Width x Height x Depth
70mm x 40mm x 65mm

20 pieces 

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