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RUSTIC FINISH - Hammered, twisted earrings Rose / rhodium / black rhodium

Finish: Rose gold plated brass
Size: 10 cm

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The hammered pieces of the collectionarespecial as the light shining on the hammer strokes almost makes the jewels sparkle. Every groove shows that it is handmade, so no two of them are exactly the same.

RUSTIC FINISH - Hammered twisted earrings are one of our latest pieces, available in two sizes. This big-time statement piece with its twisted spiral shape gives the wearer’s face a really special character.

24 carat rose gold-plated / rhodium or black rhodium plated brass

- store your Eva Remenyi jewelry separate from other jewelry to prevent scratches and protect gold-plating
- clean with a soft cloth or a special jewelry cleaning cloth

Width x Height x Depth

35mm x 100mm x 35mm