This collection focuses on the essence of timelessness with the enchanting allure of a summer holiday. Inspiration came from a huge broken amphora that was washed ashore by the salty sea in a small coastal fishing village before being worn down to its current form over centuries. The Amphora epitomizes Mediterranean culture and celebrates the interconnectedness of diverse traditions. This motif became the central theme of the collection, embodying the ancient female mysteries through its form and evoking the spiritual power that arises from the feminine instinct. Combined with the power of nature, this is the source of birth and creation. With respect for ancient traditions, Mediterranean culture has preserved the value and role of women in all aspects of life.
This collection invites you on a special journey where the magical world of vacation can be experienced in a new guise that blends timeless style with contemporary creativity. The collection celebrates imperfect perfection, an aesthetic that resonates throughout each piece. The style of the collection recalls the Mediterranean, where a close relationship with nature and a slow lifestyle are integral parts of life, allowing people to slow down and enjoy the moment. The countryside surrounded by natural beauty and the simple lifestyle provide an opportunity for people to recharge and reconnect with nature and themselves. The individual pieces of jewelry are made with lost-wax technique in gold-plated brass and rhodium-plated silver versions. The blue recycled glass beads in the collection are remelted crushed medicine bottles to create a unique, unrepeatable texture.

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