Like Mother Earth, our jewelry has a soul. Inspired by the natural world, we are also committed to protecting it. From our materials and jewelry making practices, to shipping and packaging choices, the impact we make on the world is considered at every stage. It is our principle to create beautifully designed pieces that are both long lasting and responsibly produced.


All Eva Remenyi pieces are made from high quality materials. All of our gold and silver we use is recycled and is sourced locally, while our raw brass material is sourced from within the EU. Not only do we use mostly recycled metals, we also recycle all of our scrap metal. Any leftover metal is collected and recycled and in the case of precious metals, even the powder is re-melted.


The focus on local craftsmanship is so important to us and all of our jewelry is produced by hand in our workshop in Budapest. Goldsmithing is a manual process and a significant part of the making is done with hand tools by talented artisans. Our goldsmiths make EVA REMENYI pieces in a safe and well-equipped workshop and are paid a fair wage. Casting is also done locally by family businesses, further reducing the carbon footprint of our pieces.


Responsibility shipping internationally is a challenge, but we are proud to use DHL Express’ climate neutral delivery service for all international shipments. Ensuring your packages reach you quickly and sustainably. We deliver our domestic packages with GLS, who are also committed to responsible shipping.


We have carefully sourced our packaging materials to ensure that they are low impact. We work with an EU based supplier and most of our jewelry boxes are produced within the EU. The jewelry boxes are FSC®-certified, which means that the wood is sourced from forests where no more trees are cut down than the forest can reproduce naturally. Our jewelry pouches are made from fair trade cotton. We try to avoid excess packaging in all of our shipments.


As consumers, one of the best things we can do for the planet is not over consume, and to make the pieces we love, last. To ensure you can wear your Eva Remenyi piece for years to come we will repair or replate your jewelry for free in the first year. After this, we offer a low cost replating service to keep your pieces sparkling.

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