In the last year and a half, the quality of time spent in our home has become more and more valuable and it has become very important to surround ourselves with objects that give strength in everyday life.
In Eva Remenyi's first home collection, HERITAGE, the forgotten treasures of our home come to life. The collection consists of objects of reminiscent use, accessories for the festive table and additional pieces that can perform several functions in our lives.
The silky-golden, imperfect-surfaced, robust objects are the custodians of the intimate atmosphere of our home, which invite us to a slower, simpler life and which we can pass on to our grandchildren once as a family heirloom.
A piece with a special meaning was also included in the collection, called “Handhold”.
An object that reminds us that there is a way out even in difficult times. If we need to, we dare to ask for help, we dare to take on our weakness and don't want to project something different than what reality is.
Each piece in the collection is handmade, unique and unrepeatable, small differences are normal.

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